The leadership of Peter Chowney – in his own words

Since its launch two year ago Peter Chowney has spoken to Hastings In Focus on a number of occasions. Now that he has announced he is standing down as leader of Hastings Borough Council (HBC) we thought it was time to bring some of those interviews together in on place

Ahead of the HBC election in May 2018 we spoke at length to Mr Chowney about his council’s record and his vision for the future, watch that interview by clicking the link below…

In the run-up to last year’s General Election we interviewed the candidates of the three main political parties, here is what Mr Chowney had to say at the start of the campaign when hopes were high of a Labour win in Hastings and Rye…

We asked each candidate to sum up their campaign in 60 seconds, we called it their ‘elevator pitch’ here is Mr Chowney’s…

Four days before polling day we spoke to all the candidates again and here’s what he had to say about how his campaign was going…

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