Hastings council’s carbon pledge and the case for solar panels on the country park

Last year Councillor Maya Evans, lead councillor for climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development at Hastings Borough Council (HBC) outlined her vision for a carbon neutral Hastings and explained how that could be achieved.

In the same interview Ms Evans explained why HBC wants to site solar panels on the country park.

Listen to her interview at this link and if you want to skip straight to the conversation about the country park and the case for siting solar arrays there go to 11 minutes 20 seconds and listen from there.

One thought on “Hastings council’s carbon pledge and the case for solar panels on the country park

  1. Here we have yet again this councillor selling the intention t put this solar panel farm in the AONB Country Park. This party is clearly determined to see it through. What I find rather irritating is Councillor Evans has no qualifications in this area of alternative energy and or environmental conservation.
    She is just pitching reasons why we should by this idea, rather akin to a car salesman trying to talk you into a purchase.
    Taking into account £80K of public money has been earmarked for yet more consultants, surveys and reports. I doubt very much it will be report telling Cllr Chowney et al how this is a bad idea. YOu can see this is going to happen no matte what!

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