Conservatives win big in Hastings and Rye

Hastings’ new Conservative MP says she is looking forward to focussing on the things that are important to the people in her constituency.

Shortly after her victory was declared Sally-Ann Hart said: “I think we’ll get on with delivering Brexit and then we can move on and focus on the other issues that are equally as important to people in Hastings and Rye; transport infrastructure, education, healthcare, communities, crime, the police, focussing on children, young people and families.”

Conservative Mrs Hart secured a majority of 4,043 over Labour’s Peter Chowney a massive increase in the 346 vote majority her predecessor Amber Rudd achieved in the 2017 General Election.

Mr Hart won 26,896 votes a five per cent increase on Ms Rudd’s result two years ago. Mr Chowney again came second, this time with 22,853 votes an almost ten per cent drop. For Liberal Democrat Nick Perry he more than doubled his vote from last time securing 3,960 compared to just 1,885 last time. Independent Paul Crosland secured 565 votes.

Writing on its facebook page this morning Hastings and Rye Labour Party paid tribute to Mr Chowney saying: “Unfortunately Hastings & Rye didn’t elect an MP, who will represent us, the many… But we must never give up! We have the ideas to change our Country…

“Thank you so much Peter Chowney.”

Mr Perry said he was ‘devastated’ by the outcome if the election, asked what the future was for the Liberal Democrats he said: “We have had a need for Liberalism in this country for a couple of hundred years and that’s not going away. It might be time for progressive parties to work together and to include electoral reform in their manifestos.”

Hear what out new MP Sally-Ann Hart had to say when she spoke to Hastings In Focus before the election by following the link below.


2 thoughts on “Conservatives win big in Hastings and Rye

  1. Well done Sally – the people of Hastings are no fools when it comes to deciding who is best qualified to represent our town…

  2. Here we go Councillor ( still just that ) Chowney making a trite comment on how the electorate did not elect someone: “Who will represent us – the many.” How does he know that. He probably doesn’t even know this lady.
    Cllr Chowney like so many other of his Labour pals appear to be blaming much of their losses over Brexit. Not over the more salient facts such as Comrade Corbyn’s campaign. His absurd promises of some many things that had to be impossible to implement. His arrogance and overall reputation is I would think buried this entire Labour party.
    Now it is time for the electorate in the borough to think about this Labour administration running this council who have, I hate to say, been there far too long and become very opaque and dictatorial,

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