It’s going to be all about turnout – Lib Dems and Greens bid for your vote on Thursday

It’s going to be all about turnout, that’s the view of Hastings’ Nick Perry who believes the low turnout at the European parliamentary elections in 2014 allowed brexiteers to take advantage.

Both Mr Perry’s Liberal Democrats and the Green Party have been putting in real effort in Hastings to win the votes of those who want to stop the UK leaving the European Union. Both parties claim to be the best option for voters wanting to stop Brexit.

Polling just out shows the Liberal democrats in second place in the South East, the Euro-constituency that includes Hastings. The poll, conducted by YouGov puts the Brexit party in the lead with the Lib Dems on 21 per cent, the Conservatives and Greens on 11 per cent and labour on ten per cent.

The Greens’ Alexandra Phillips, who is making a bid for the European Parliament, was in Hastings and St Leonards on Sunday.

On Sunday the Green’s lead candidate Alexandra Phillips told an audience in Hastings that a vote for her party was a demonstration that people don’t want ‘second best’.

“Our message is clear, if you want to say no to Brexit but also want to fight climate change and austerity, vote Green,” she said.

Hastings Green Party Secretary Julia Hilton was really pleased with the number of people who came out to meet Ms Phillips, she said it appears that people seem to understand the passion the Green Party has for what it wants to do, “More people are waking up to the urgency of what needs to be done,” she said and points out that Green parties across Europe and making real progress.

Mr Perry says that people understand the Liberal Democrats ‘authentic message’, pointing out that his party has been, “advocating European cooperation since the 1940s.”

Listen to our full interview with Nick Perry by following this link…

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