Influential Amber Rudd will have a big say who is next Tory leader say pundits

Amber Rudd stands accused this morning of being one of four senior cabinet ministers who are… ‘now driving Britain towards its first-ever Marxist Prime Minister’.

In today’s Mail on Sunday, political pundit Dan Hodges says: “…members of her own Cabinet, who May thinks have been professing public loyalty but engaging in malicious private subterfuge.

“And top of the list are the group described to me as ‘the Four Horsemen of the Corbynite Apocalypse’ – Amber Rudd, David Gauke, Greg Clark and Philip Hammond.

“In the eyes of May’s dwindling band of Cabinet allies, these are the true architects of the indicative vote process they believe is now driving Britain towards its first-ever Marxist Prime Minister.

“‘They’ve pretended to back her,’ says one. ‘But all the time they’ve been working against her. If you look at the Ministers who resigned before the indicative votes motion on Monday, it was their allies. They were sending a signal that indicative votes were the way to go. And the result is they’ve bound her hands, and are going to deliver a Corbyn government.'”

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Meanwhile in Friday’s Times reports suggested that Ms Rudd’s endorsement was seen as important for Conservative MPs beginning to jockey for position should Theresa May decide to stand down, an item in the ‘paper said: “The backing of Remain-voting Ms Rudd is emerging as a prized endorsement for Brexiteer candidates, given that she appeals to parts of the Conservative party that many Leave candidates do not. Ms Rudd is unlikely to run herself although friends say it is ‘not inconceivable.

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“The work and pensions secretary has made clear that she will endorse potential Tory leadership candidates with strong one-nation credentials, rather than those who necessarily share her view on Brexit.”


In The Guardian, we read that: “Work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd, already a key figure in the search for May’s successor, is one of the leaders of the newly formed One Nation Group, said to comprise 40 MPs desperate to find a candidate committed to blocking a no-deal Brexit.

“The move comes as MPs, including some in government, warn that they believe entryism by pro-Brexit supporters at local Conservative associations risks delivering a leader willing to back a hard break with the EU.”


While in The Telegraph says: “Amber Rudd, the pro-Remain Work and Pensions Secretary, and Esther McVey, her Brexiteer predecessor, are galvanising groups within the party to influence the policy debate in moves likely to be seen as preparing the ground for leadership bids.”




2 thoughts on “Influential Amber Rudd will have a big say who is next Tory leader say pundits

  1. I think this just goes to show how desperate people like her are to believe they can lead this party and become a Prime Minister.
    I certainly would not be going to William Hill’s to put a bet on that she will ever be the Top Dog of this party and that she will even survive when the next general election is held.

    There was a cartoon in the New Yorker magazine that kind of reminds me of this current Conservative fiasco. With a person standing I front of a panel the caption is: “Frankly we are at a loss, so we are looking for someone young and stupid to tell us what to do.”

    Virtually all the people I know who have been loyal Tory voters are now saying never again. And these are people who voted both ways I the referendum. They don’t really understand the damage they have self inflicted.

    With her last dismal majority in the general election. I think its going to be Au Revoir Amber and hello Peter Chowney.

  2. Hello Peter Chowney??? I sincerely hope not. This town has had enough of him and his far left views. We need a leader here who understands the meaning of ‘democracy’. We have been dealt a harsh blow with Chowney and Rudd…what has poor old Hasting done to deserve this?

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