Readers memories and photographs of an icon from the town’s glorious past

Our recent feature on the ‘old bathing pool’ certainly stirred up a lot of happy memories and it has gone on to be the story that has attracted the biggest audience of any on Hastings In Focus.

One reader pointed out:”People still say ‘meet you at the bathing pool’ even today, you can tell their age by that.”

Adrian Cirket was in touch to tell us about his memories: “Like many I have fond memories of the bathing pool and think back to it each time I go to that bit of the sea front.

“We often went, sometimes just for  aswim with our dad, and others, as a family. I can remember exploring inside and around the holiday chalets on the top walkways, most likely quite dangerous.

“If I recall the cost to get in was not too high it was usually busy.  I got sunburnt there a few times and of course you could always get an ice cream in the foyer.

“I jumped of the diving board once – it was a long way up, though my dad regularly dived off there.”

Marie Cullinane also has fond memories: “As a child my family spent a few summers at the holiday camp before it closed. The place was looking rather tired, in fact one stormy night we were evacuated from our chalet due to flooding!

“The Hi-De-Hi entertainment was loosing its charm, but as kids we thoroughly enjoyed every minute we spent there. The pool was the best bit as it was never busy. They were happy for my dad to put the inflatable dingy in the pool which all the kids would pile in and he would pull us around the pool.”

Marie’s mum winning Glamorous Granny!
While her dad entered the fancy dress competition as a Mexican. She says: “This caused some merriment as most other guests and staff recognised the blanket he was wearing as the one they give you in the chalets. He did stitch it up afterwards, well mum did!”
Marie on her tenth birthday: “I had the best treat, we got to go there for a long weekend and mum and dad had arranged for some of the kids we met earlier in the year to be at the camp too. However this was 1986 and it would be our last visit to the holiday camp.”

Marie says: “My mum died in 2016 and my dad earlier this year, so I have spent a lot of time going through family photos, which brought back many happy memories. I’m very pleased I read your article it brought back even more memories.”

Commenting on the story many readers mourn the fact that it’s no longer there and a couple of people leaving comments wondered whether a sliding roof – Wimbledon style – could have been installed on the structure?

Some readers had less fond memories, one saying: “You didn’t really want to touch the bottom or the sides, it could all be a bit slimy and unpleasant.”

Local man Brett McLean also unearthed something a bit special too, a brochure for the ‘Hastings Holiday Camp’ which proclaims from the cover, “…for a gay, carefree holiday.”

The cover from the Hastings Holiday Camp brochure.


The brochure for Hastings Holiday Camp, ‘the complete holiday centre’.

While Hastings’ Mark Ling shared these…

We’d love to share your memories of the old bathing pool, or of any other parts of Hastings and St. Leonards. If you have something you think would interest out readers the send it to

  • If you haven’t read the original feature then follow this link
  • And if you want to find out more about the man who designed and built not just the bathing pool but a huge part of the Hastings and St. Leonards we know today then follow this link

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