New ‘Hastings Fish’ brand launches this weekend at Seafood and Wine festival

You’ll find it difficult to miss the fact that there’s a new fish brand on the streets this weekend when the Seafood and Wine Festival gets underway on Saturday.

‘Hastings Fish’ is the new brand designed to promote fish caught locally and if you buy some Hastings fish this weekend you’ll get a voucher for a free cool bag and you’ll be able to buy branded tea towels and mugs to help get behind the campaign.


Hastings Borough Council (HBC) won grant funding to create the ‘Hastings Fish’ brand from the Hastings Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) part of the EU’s European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

Using the new brand the Hastings fishing fleet can promote itself and its fresh local catch. The Hastings’ boats form the largest beach launched fleet in Europe and fish using sustainable practices as a result local fishermen have one of the strongest fishing stocks in the country.

HBC deputy leader Kim Forward, lead councillor for regeneration and culture said: “The ‘Hastings Fish’ brand is a real stamp of approval and will make it easy for people to choose fish caught by our local fishing fleet. They will see the sign and know they are buying sustainably caught Hastings fish and supporting a 1,000 year old tradition.”

Many restaurants and all of the fish retailers and wholesalers in the town have already signed up to be part of the venture. They have the Hastings Fish logo in their window, on their menus, websites and fish counters. Visit the website

Hastings Fish with its heritage, sustainable catch methods, quality and seasonality is something to be proud of and shout about. And this campaign will make sure that residents, visitors and food industry professionals know all about it!

4 thoughts on “New ‘Hastings Fish’ brand launches this weekend at Seafood and Wine festival

  1. It seems a good idea, but it needs good marketing for the project to catch peoples imagination and take off. It will take time.

  2. Great idea – do you have any transparency details on how auditable the whole thing is (chain of custody etc.)? Will the process be able to prove the fish was locally caught and landed?

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