Burpees – Riley’s big idea

Six-year-old Riley Davis wanted to do something for people who “don’t have much things” and on Sunday he did just that.

37e2d1cd-b7c7-4dc4-9ec4-e5e394ae183dProud parents Aaron and Lucy with Riley after he completed his challenge.

Riley’s goal was to do 1,000 burpees, an exercise feared by even some of the hardest athletes, and in the process he wanted to raise money for Dom’s Food Mission, a Hastings base charity that’s feeding thousands of needy people every month.

Riley’s dad Aaron and mum Lucy Benton both train at Zeus Gym in Theaklen Drive, St Leonards, so that was chosen as the venue for the bug challenge.

Riley says the idea to raise money for a charity came, “out of my brain” and mum Lucy explained they had been sitting one night when Riley just piped up out of the blue and told her he wanted to do something for charity.

0d1013ac-4d92-462b-8f30-a8bb76ff89e0Riley and dad Aaron check on his progress.

The six-year-old, who attends Guestling school, is no stranger to exercise. He accompanies mum and dad when they go to the gym and he has been training with Carl Denne at Hastings Kickboxing Academy for more than two years.

Carl says Riley is “inspirational” and always gives 110 per cent in training.

There was plenty of support for Riley on Sunday, adults and children alike turned out to cheer him on and to lend there support, making sure that 1,000 burpee target would be reached.

fe482c7d-04a2-4f03-94ef-2de95a64133b1.jpgDom Warren founder of Dom’ Food Mission presents Riley with a badge and a certificate in recognition of his achievement.

On his own Riley managed 430, mum Lucy says that if they had let him go on she is sure he’d have done many more but by the end of his stint it was clear his legs were suffering.

Dom Warren who set up the Food Mission in 2015 along with his wife Alexandra said Riley had a “beautiful soul” and said it was great to see someone so young doing something so meaningful.

See a full video report on the day by clicking here

To donate to the cause follow this link https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lucy-benton1

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